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Swim Lessons at Crozet YMCA

2017 Spring Swim Lesson Registration Form Link (Please note YMCA reserves the right to cancel classes with low enrollment)

Parent and Child Swim Lessons (Ages 6 months-3 Years): This class is designed to give parents and their child an early introduction to water safety, and beginning swim techniques. Instructors will focus on water comfort and safety for both the child and parent and structure the class to include songs, games, instruction, and free time.

Preschool Swim Lessons (Ages 3-5 Years)

PIKE (Ages 3 years without a parent): Instructors will focus on getting swimmers acclimated to the water, how to balance in the water and paddling on their fronts and backs.

EEL (Ages 3-5 years): Instructors will focus on refining body position in the water, stroke development on the front, and back and side and being able to swim 15 feet without a flotation device.

RAYS (Ages 3-5 years): Swimmers will no longer be using a flotation devices at this level and instructors will work with swimmers to improve stroke technique and swim 25 feet unassisted using front and back crawl as well as sidestroke and elementary backstroke.

Youth Swim Lessons (Ages 6-12 Years)

POLLIWOG (Ages 6-12 years): This class is designed for beginner swimmers that may still have a fear of water or have little or no experience in the water and unable to swim 25 yards without assistance.

GUPPY (Ages 6-12 years): This class is designed for beginner swimmers that are comfortable in the water and begin learning how to incorporate breathing into their strokes.

MINNOW (Ages 6-12 years): This class is designed for swimmers who can swim front crawl with rotary breathing and back crawl for 25 meters.

Kids swimming

FISH (Ages 6-12 years): The class is designed for swimmers who can swim front and back crawl 50 meters, and 25 meters of breast stroke.

Private Swim Lessons (Ages 3 and up)

These swim lessons are open to every age group and level of swimming ability. Classes are 30 minutes in length and provide one-on-one interaction focusing soley on swim instruction.





Additional Swimmer

All Year Round

Upon Request



$10 for additional swimmer

Private Swim Lesson Block Plans (Ages 3 and up)

Private lessons block plans are scheduled upon request. All with the same instructor. Lessons are taught in 30-minute sessions and scheduled based upon the instructor's availability. At time of registration please supply with dates and times for when you would like your lessons to take place. Block plans are ideal for both children and adults who may want to bush up on their techniques before joining one of our other aquatics programs.

Block Plan




Additional Swimmer


Upon Request



$50 For additional swimmer**


Upon Request



$100 For additional swimmer**

**There is a maximum of 2 people per lesson. The additional $10/person per lesson is applied to the session cost.