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Enhance Fitness | LIVESTRONG at the YMCA

Join us for Enhance Fitness, a proven fitness and arthritis management program that improves your endurance, strength, balance, and flexibility. It reduces your arthritis symptoms with safe, low impact exercises led by certified instructors in a relaxed atmosphere that promotes fun, laughter, friendship, and smiles.

Of all Enhance Fitness’ multiple benefits though, the one that matters most is that it’s a great time!

There’s no doubt about it—Enhance Fitness gets you moving. Enhance Fitness is a fitness class that meets three times a week for 60 minutes. The class focuses on strength, flexibility, balance and cardio endurance. You’ll move at a pace that is comfortable for you—it’s never more than you can handle. The group support will help keep you motivated.

In each Enhance Fitness class, you’ll get:

• 5-minute warm-up

• 20 minutes of movement to lively music

• 5-minute cool-down

• 20 minutes of strength training with soft weights

• 10 minutes of stretching to help you stay limber

• An exercise that will help improve your balance

Here are some of the changes our participants have noticed in their bodies and minds:

• More energy

• Better balance

• More upper body and lower body strength

• More flexibility and range of motion

• Better sleep

• Happier Mood

• Sense of independence

Enhance Fitness is an on-going program that meets Monday, Wednesdays, and Fridays 11am-noon. Class fees are drafted monthly from a checking or credit card account. Classes start on April 2nd! New sessions starts on the first Monday of every month.

Y Members: $20/month

Non-Members: $40/month

Enhance Fitness has been recognized by the CDC and other national organizations committed to improving the health of older adults.

The Brooks Family YMCA is proud to serve as a site for LIVESTRONG at the YMCA.

Cancer is a life-changing disease that takes a tremendous physical and emotional toll on those affected. The Y and LIVESTRONG have joined together to create LIVESTRONG at the YMCA, an evidence-based physical activity and well-being program designed to help adult cancer survivors reclaim their total health.

Participants work with Y staff trained in supportive cancer care to safely achieve their goals such as building muscle mass and strength, increasing flexibility and endurance, and improving confidence and self-esteem. By focusing on the whole person and not the disease, LIVESTRONG at the YMCA is helping people move beyond cancer in spirit, mind, and body.

Through a generous donation from the UVA Cancer Center, LIVESTRONG at the YMCA is fully subsidized for cancer survivors. As a survivor, whether you are recently diagnosed or 15 years post-treatment, you can participate in this program at no cost to you and receive a YMCA membership for the 12-week duration of the program.

To learn more about LIVESTRONG at the YMCA, contact Wellness Director, Austin Shaffer at