Nominate Staff Who Make a Difference

Do you know of a staff member or coworker in the Piedmont Family YMCA association who is making an exceptionally positive impact?

Nominate exceptional staff for our Cause-Driven Leader of the Month Award, which honors staff who live the Y mission every day and make a positive impact within the Piedmont Family YMCA association. This could be staff who work at the Brooks Family YMCA facility, at the YMCA Early Learning Center at the Jefferson School, in Piedmont Family YMCA Youth Development programs, with Piedmont Y's Cavalier Aquatics swim team, other YMCA Sports, or in the Piedmont Family YMCA association administration.


Nominees should have demonstrated a combination of the following: 

  • Demonstrates a high level of initiative, responsibility and resourcefulness within the YMCA

  • Lives our Y values of caring, honesty, respect, and responsibility 

  • Develops trust and credibility through open, respectful communication

  • Provides a sense of purpose, vision and mission for their co-workers, staff, and/or members by investing time and effort in developing others 

  • Positively influences others 

  • Manages and/or champions change effectively through formal or informal leadership

Nomination Form