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Work out one-on-one or in a small group with a supportive, skilled personal trainer to meet your wellness goals!

1 hour sessions are available for small group and semi-private training. 30 minute and 1 hour sessions are available for private training. Please see below for pricing, descriptions of our special small group packages, and trainer profiles.

  • All unused personal training sessions expire within 6 months of the purchase date.
  • 24 hours' notice is required to cancel a personal training session without being charged for that session.
  • All prices listed are per person.

Small Personal Training Groups (3-4 members)

We have special small group training packages available at set times, as decribed below, or you and 2-3 friends can purchase group training together and set your own small group schedule!

4 sessions $140 ($35/session) per person
8 sessions $264 ($33/session) per person
12 sessions $360 ($30/session) per person




Mondays 6-7pm with Jae
Basketball Skills & Strength PT Group 
Ages 11-17

Teens will improve their passing, dribbling, shooting and defense skills on the court. Off the court, they will focus on strength and conditioning exercises to help increase speed, agility, and vertical leaps. Please bring your own ball.

Tuesdays 10:30-11:30am with Kelly
Fit over 50 PT Group

This training group focuses on building strength and muscle endurance to keep you moving at any age. Enjoy support from peers while receiving personalized guidance from a personal trainer. Agility, balance, flexibility and coordination are key elements in this circuit-style format. We always provide modification for exercises as needed.  


Small Personal Training Groups flyer [PDF] > 


Contact Kelly Raichel at 434-270-7549 or

Semi-Private Personal Training (2 members)

4 sessions $172 ($43/session) per person
8 sessions $320 ($40/session) per person




Private Personal Training - 30 mins

4 sessions $152 ($38/session)
8 sessions $288 ($36/session)




Private Personal Training - 1 hour

1 session $60 
4 sessions $228 ($57/session)
8 sessions $432 ($54/session)




Interested? Contact Health & Wellness Director Kelly Raichel at 434-270-7549 or or stop by the Brooks Y for more information or to purchase personal training.

Meet our personal trainers

Emily A.
Born and raised in Charlottesville. Loves being outdoors and by the water with dogs Ducky and Cayenne. Specialties: circuit strength and stability training, HIIT, kettlebell, barre, and recovery modalities.
Kathryn B.
Former college athelete, mom, and experienced trainer. Loves running, sports, horseback riding, and being outdoors. Specialties: pre- & postnatal, beginning exercisers, women's fitness, runners, equestrians.
Kris B.
12 year Army veteran, born and raised in the Charlottesville area. Loves MMA, basketball, drawing, and video editing. Specialties: athletic performance training, speed and agility, rehabilitative exercises.
Natasha B.
Originally from Ukraine. 16 years in fitness. Loves knitting, reading, dancing, and learning languages. Specialties: working with people of all ages and abilities who like physical fitness; group exercise; seniors.
Jae C.
Loves playing basketball with his sons, spending time with family, church, music, coaching, and fitness. Specialties: functional training, S&C, HIIT, cross training, kettlebell, intervals.
Andrew H.
Navy veteran. Toured Europe on a motorcycle in the 1960s. Loves hiking, travel, flying, and sailing. Specialties: balance, flexibility, functional training, helping seniors get and stay fit.
Ben N.
Passionate about equipping people with tools for personal transformation. Loves weightlifting and music. Specialties: athletics and resistance training.
Kelly R.
Hooked on Jazzercise by her mom at a young age. Loves the energy created by group exercise. Also loves 80s music and SEC football. Specialties: foundation and corrective exercises to fix muscle imbalances, mobility, and balance issues.
Jessica V.
25 years in the fitness industry. Loves vegan cooking, philosophy, bodybuilding, music, and fashion design. Specialities: strength, balance, flexibility, working with injuries, correcting postural distortions.
Melissa W.
Loves stand up paddling, hiking, movies, and travel. Enjoys helping others do things they think they can't. Specialties: pre- and post-natal, seniors, deconditioned clients, beginners, and advanced clients.








Stop by the Brooks Y or contact Health & Wellness Director Kelly Raichel at 434-270-7549 or to ask about personal training, or fill out the interest form below and a member of our wellness staff will get back to you soon!

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