Junior Hoos

Sign up for this new Cavalier Aquatics program, designed to increase young swimmers' skills and confidence!

Practice will focus on refining freestyle and backstroke techniques as well as continuing to develop the advanced disciplines of breaststroke and butterfly. To enter the program, swimmers must be at least 6 years of age and are required to complete two lengths of the pool legally in both freestyle and backstroke. It is preferred these swimmers also have a basic understanding of the concepts of both breaststroke and butterfly. 

This session consists of 16 classes and a swim meet. Maximum program size is 12 swimmers.

Classes are Monday/Tues/Thurs 3:30-4:10 pm.

  • WHO: ages 6-12
  • DATES: April 15-May 24
  • TIME: Mon, Tues & Thurs, 3:30-4:10pm & 4:15-5:00pm
  • 6 week session offering 3 workouts per week.
    Group 1:  3:30-4:10pm   Swimmers still learning all 4 strokes and/or are younger swimmers in the 6-9 year old range.
    Group 2:  4:15-5:00pm   Swimmers who are legal in all 4 strokes or close and/or are in the 9-12 year old age range.            
  • FEES: Member: $192, Non-member: $204

Financial assistance is available.

INTERESTED? Please contact Chris Taylor at ctaylor@piedmontymca.org for more information.

CA-Y Performance Coaching Program

Whether it's mastering the blocks, perfecting underwater phases, or improving turns and finishes, our tailored sessions are here to help swimmers reach their fullest potential. This program is designed to elevate the skills of our Cavalier Aquatics Swim Team members beyond regular practice sessions. Offering personalized attention from our passionate and experienced coaching staff, this program provides private, semi-private, and small group coaching options to fine-tune techniques and enhance performance. Dive into excellence and discover the right coaching option for you.

WHO: Cavalier Aquatics Swim Team members and families seeking private, semi-private, or small group coaching.

WHEN: Flexible scheduling based on coach availability and swimmer preference.

     Private   Semi-private (2 swimmers)    Group Coaching (3 swimmers) 
 Per Swimmer   $65/hour   $50/hour    $40/hour 
 4 Sessions  $248/hour     


INTERESTED? Please contact Chris Taylor at ctaylor@piedmontymca.org for more information.